Types Of Computers

Computers have becoming an integral part of the ways of the modern world. Any problem with computers all over the world will have nothing short of an apocalyptic effect.Lots of lives lost, businesses ruined, economies shatter, famine, drought, the whole works.With the help of computers, we have the ability to process and store data in a way that has never before been possible in human history.

The speed of churning out information from raw data has increased astronomically. There is virtually no sector of human fields of endeavor that does not utilized computers in one way or another. As a fact, there are sectors that are built entirely on the powers of computers. Internet banking, flight control, aviation, navigation and many more.Computers have come a long way from the early mainframes with their vacuum tubes powered processors. They have evolved from the gigantic power hungry monsters to sleek self powered nano-computers.

New types of computers are being researched and developed every day. The trend is making sleeker, smaller computers that are at the same time quiet powerful. But for everyday business purposes, there are some types of computers that have been adopted as standards. These are different from each other, based on their sizes, processing powers, storage capacities and other metrics.Some of these are;

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