The New Age Magic Called Bluetooth

There are several reasons why you might want to look into making use of Bluetooth technology for your day to day activities. With the wireless communication capabilities of Bluetooth, the need for cables and wires are now redundant.  Travelers can move from place to place without the hassle of carrying their devices connection cables around.

Connection two Bluetooth enabled devices isn’t a difficult task. All that is required is to switch on the Bluetooth on both devices, ensure they are discoverable and search for each other. As long as you are within range, you will see all open Bluetooth connections around you. Just select the one you want and connect. The design of the generic Bluetooth interface is intuitive and user friendly. The steps for connecting are laid out in specific and easy to comprehend steps.

Another plus point for Bluetooth is the fact that it is free. There are no charges whatsoever for making use of this technology. No need to pay an ISP provider to connect your devices. All the cost you incur is the cost for purchasing your device. It requires very little power to work. The technology is not energy intensive, compared to other wireless communication devices available, Bluetooth is very energy efficient.


Personal computers (PCs)


A Personal computer can also be referred to as a PC or a microcomputer. In the late 1970s and 1980, home computers for personal usage were designed.
The primary purpose of this was to provide people with computing tools they can make use from the comfort of their homes.The capabilities of microcomputers have changed vastly from the time they were newly introduced. With the advent ofsingle chip microprocessors, personal computers are now able to pack more processing powers.

The use of personal computers is not limited to just home computations, businesses use them too. They are all round processing machines that can be used to interface and communicate with servers and super computers.In the house, they can be used for diverse purposes, from gaming to desktop publishing, graphics designing, to even software development.



Forget the name ‘workstation’; it does not do much justice to the powerful machine called by that name. Mostly, marketers are to be blamed for this improper naming. Workstations are high end versions of the personal computer. They are very expensive and until recently are not available for purchase in regular retail stores.


Why Use Bluetooth

The wireless communication

The wireless communication protocol employed for Bluetooth is a standardized protocol. Different models and devices communicate using the same protocol,

No matter the device

No matter the device or the maker, all Bluetooth enabled devices communicate with Bluetooth the same way the world over thereby eliminating the problem of compatibility.

There are very small chances

There are very small chances of interference in Bluetooth communication. The technology makes use of a frequency hopping technique that aids in this interference protection.

With its wireless

With its wireless signals using minimum power coupled with the frequency hopping technique, the Bluetooth can ride out any interference from other available wireless devices.


Bluetooth can be used


Bluetooth can be used to create a wireless network of connected devices. Within its range of operation of 30 feet, a Personal Area Network can be created

Multiple Personal Area


Multiple Personal Area Networks can be created in the same area and there won't be interference from one Network to the other and up to seven Bluetooth

Universally, Bluetooth


Universally, Bluetooth technology is one that has gained wide-spread use and popularity. As it has been noted earlier, it has a standardized

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