The Tips & Techniques With Dos & Don’ts Guideline Before Deleting Ecommerce Website

No matter whatever your site is, running a website is a big deal and there is no confusion. Being a website owner you need to take care of so many things that your site ranks on the top in all major search engine result pages. You need to look after the design and development needs, SEO, digital marketing campaign, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC and so on that your business gets online visibility with strong base of clients. All a business needs is the maximum numbers of profit. Is not it? Cent percent yes.

But what if your website needs to go offline? If you need to delete a page or a certain page then you need to follow a methodical way that your users do not get “404 not found” page. It will not only harm your online visibility score but also create risk factors for your business. In this piece of content, we are going to uncover the ways to delete ecommerce site or page if you do not need it anymore.

Things to Consider Prior to Delete Ecommerce Website

No doubt, it is a tiresome job when you are going to build an ecommerce site. You should have to go a long way to create it. But, you can delete your whole site just in a few clicks. Prior to delete ecommerce site which is already online, you need to take care of a few things. Let us see,

  • Notify Third Parties & Fulfilled Services: You need to notify your buyers, external services, shopping feeds and fulfillment services that you are going to delete your site permanently.
  • Notify Registered Customers via Email or SMS: When it is your ecommerce site, you have a numbers of customers large or small. It is your primary duty to notify your registered customers that your site will no longer exist.
  • Notice For Non-registered Customers: For non-registered customers you need to provide a notice via your homepage that your site will go offline.
  • Provide Redirect Link: If you are changing your domain name and planning to launch a new ecommerce site with same products and services then you need to provide a redirect link. Redirect link will help your existing customers to find your new site. Even, it will be good for your business too.

Finally, you need to store the product data safe and secure somewhere in your computer or cloud storage. You may need it for future.

Process to Delete Your Ecommerce Site  

Moving to the final steps, how to delete ecommerce site permanently? Yes, you can delete it when you have another plan to work out. The time you are going to delete your ecommerce site, you are about to make your site inaccessible. If you have taken decision to delete your site permanently then you will not be able to recover it again. Permanently deleted site means all backup files will be deleted forever. Think about it twice prior to take the final step.

  • Moving on, it is time to check the steps to delete an ecommerce site permanently.
  • First you need to downgrade your ecommerce site.
  • You need to unpublish your site if it is live.
  • Next, open up the administration menu of the site and find the delete option.
  • When you confirm the delete button, you will find a pop-up appears on computer screen. Here you will find three options,
  • Cancel
  • Delete Site
  • Reset and Convert

You need to select the “Delete site” option to delete your sire permanently. The cancel button will take you back to the dashboard. The reset and convert will provide you chance to redesign or open your site with a different URL. Hope this content will help you deleting your ecommerce site permanently. If you want to redesign it then choose the “reset and convert” option for a new start.

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